Good Things like Easter and First Posts


Happy Easter, Piccadilly friends!

We love Easter (I’ve actually written about it before in my blog quite passionately) and as far as I can remember, this is the first time in a couple of years that we’re all in the same country—let alone the same continent even, to celebrate it.

Even though holidays are so rare for us cake-makers, we spent the entire Saturday baking Carrot Cupcakes (A TRP specialty!), bunny cookies, and Red Velvet Cakepops. While everything was baking, cooling or drying, we were stuffing plastic eggs with goodies, and cutting up flower straws for our ball jars for that extra Spring-feeling. Our mom even bought Wilton’s adorable Easter baking cups and stands for the occasion, and we couldn’t help but make everything extra-pretty for Sunday! (If you follow me on instagram, you’d know since I’ve been spamming everyone with Easter preparation photos)

Anyway, it was a great Sunday! We hid the eggs, and had our cousins find them, we had a pretty dessert bar, and our dad cooked up an awesome dinner spread. Of course we love Easter for more than its adorable bunnies and chicks, but for what it truly means. We felt very blessed to have had such a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

We thought it would be the perfect first post for our new blog, considering Easter’s all about birth and all that good stuff. We can’t wait to tell you about all our exciting projects and show you all our photos from our shoots. Like, share, and/or heart us. Comment or ask questions—-we’d love to hear what you think! We’re more than just Cake-Makers, we’re storytellers, and we’d also love to hear your TRP stories, so send them over!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Til our next post,

P.S. Here are some more photos and EASTERgrams:

image image image image image

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