As kids, my sisters and I had this really cool Mcdonald’s toy set, where you could make burger patties out of Nutella and Rice Krispies, and fries out of white bread and sprinkled cinnamon (I guess they thought it would be too grotesque to for toddlers and kids to use actual beef). We spent countless hours on our little plastic fast food joint, making little sandwiches and chips, and it’s almost like a foreshadowing of the future—-except we make cupcakes not burgers—-well except this one time. hahaha

I had a reaaally fun time working on this little project of mini-cupcake burgers. My friend, Tin, on behalf of another friend, asked if I could make a burger-esque baked goods for our friend Gian’s birthday, and seeing how fun the thought was (and my respectable experience in making replicas of fast food items), I quickly said I would do it.

I have to be honest, I tried one for myself, and it was a lot of fun. A small part of me wished that I had made fries-replicas too. Maybe next time!! Also, I wish I could’ve seen my friends biting into these little guys. That would’ve been really awesome. All in all though, I’d love to do this again!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Gian!

Til our next cake adventure,

P.S. Thank you Tin Militante for the photos below!


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