Birthday Cake Set | Gaudí and Barcelona


For the first time ever, someone unusually requested for a Gaudí themed cake.(Antoni Gaudí is a famous Spanish architect who’s works are main attractions in Barcelona.) When we received this order, there was definitely a mix of feelings. We were a bit challenged, happy with the familiarity, but also a bit sad about the thought of Europe. You see, around this time last year, I had already arrived in London to visit my sisters, who were on a school break, to go traipse around countries and cities in Europe, Barcelona was one of them.

On our plane to Spain, we hadn’t known what to expect. From our four years of Spanish teachers telling us different things of the country, I had expected a much less beautiful city. I was glad about the lack of hype and expectation, because wow, Barcelona is beautiful. We stayed along La Rambla, in a surprisingly cheap, but really nice hotel (with disco lights in their shower), which was walking distance from Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, which in itself was beautiful—and delicious. (I talk about Mercat de Sant Josep at my personal blog, here, lots of photos too)

The first thing I saw getting out of the metro was Casa Batlló, and though before that moment, I could have never fathom how a building could be beautiful, I could definitely tell that Casa Batlló was a stunner. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. In London all the buildings were serious (even the Gerkin) and here this building was, covered in masks , color and dragon scales.


But of course, we were on a tight budget, and we had a couple more cities left to visit, so we decided not to go in Casa Batlló for now, we did however step into Park Güell, and it was biiiig and fun to explore. It was peculiar, and fascinating how the world could appreciate so much weirdness and irregularity. We’re all not just squares after all.

image image image image image imageimageimage image image image image

We passed by Sagrada too. It’s this huge church, strange looking with gargoyles and lizards coming off of the towers. We didn’t go in either, and it started to rain so we hurried to the KFC across it, and admired it from afar with our fastfood chicken (THEY HAVE NO GRAVY IN SPAIN).

It’s been a year, and my memory may be a bit fuzzy about our trip abroad, but one thing I don’t think I would forget is how good the pintxos were! We want to thank our friend Shivar for showing us around and feeding us! haha

image image image image

I hope we get asked to make a French inspired cake next, so we could talk about France next—or I hope it worked in a way that we could go somewhere to research for a cake. That would be so awesome.

(But next time I’ll make sure they take photos of me too hmph)



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