Baby Cake | London in Pinks, Blues, and Yellows

It’s not a secret that our company is London-inspired. And I can’t hide how much I miss just walking around, being in a beautiful city, and sitting down in the park to enjoy a bit of sun (during the rare occasions it finally decides to come out). My last days in London were quite sentimental.

Big Ben at Sunset

Putney Bridge in the morning

I was alone most of the time, so I spent it just walking close to my flat (which was conveniently a 15-minute walk to the Tower Bridge and all those cheesy London landmarks).

Tower Bridge, London 2012

Tower Bridge as I left it.

Two days before my flight home, it was almost autumn, but the sun was still fighting the bit of cold that was already creeping into the city. I sat down on a bench in front of the Tower of London, facing Tower Bridge and the Thames River and just looked at the city I knew I was going to leave my heart in until I could get it back. Until then, I’m going to have to make more (much more) cakes. (So please order more cakes! Haha)

For the meantime, here’s a hot air balloon cake, with the popular London skyline (minus the Shard because it’s hazardous to train drivers hehe).

Cheers and much love,




  1. my gosh, so senti!! makes me so senti looking back. My memory of going home (well going to travel around Europe first before going home) was the early morning dark bus ride from borough where I stayed for a night with my friend Jemai then the long circuitous route to heathrow…. my heart sank and I feel like I fell off a cliff, and then my finger felt cold and I said to myself, I will miss this cold weather. I think I will write a senty-menty post too! hehehe thanks for the idea! ❤ the cakes BTW!!

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