Vintage Circus Themed Cake

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | Vintage Circus for Tyler

One of the best parts of being a cake decorating is seeing our customers grow and being part of their lives through out their days, weeks, months and years. I can very well say the same thing for little Tyler for whom we’ve been making a rainbow cake for every month since his 6th month and we’ve done all sorts of toppers and themes for him!

Finally, Tyler’s first birthday finally came, and of course, we were so excited to make his cake extra special, and even more excited because of the awesome Vintage Carnival theme of his party! So instead of going with sticking things onto the cake, we’ve decided  to make elements stand.

I’m so happy how the ferris wheel turned out 😀

Ferris Wheel!

…And how the big heads managed to stick onto the cake without thick bodies to support them!

Ring Master and Lion

Ring Master and Lion

Oh, and this elephant! <3<3<3

Circus elephaaaaant!

Circus elephaaaaant!

Exciting cakes like this make my heart skip a beat! Thanks for keeping us part of Tyler’s life, mommy Tricia! Here’s to more years to come and fun cake for Tyler ❤

Keep ’em interesting cake orders coming, everyone! Ordering is easy through our ORDER FORM!


Lora ❤


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