The Royal Piccadilly | Proposal Cake | The Robot Proposes to the Dinosaur <3

5 words: Jonathan And Cathy Fans Club!

These characters were illustrated by Jonathan himself, which then he asked us to turn into cupcake toppers (for Cathy’s birthday).

Jonathan as the robot

…and Cathy as the Dinosaur!

And when he secretly told me that he wanted another cake done with the same toppers for when he proposes, I WAS ECSTATIC!!!

What was funnier was, right after Jonathan told me about the proposal, Cathy, in her ever so sweet manner, asked me if I could make her wedding cake (of course, this was all girl talk, she had no idea that Jonathan was going to propose soon). 😀

So anyway, Jonathan left the designing to me, but I wanted the cake to be absolutely scrumptious and chocolatey for Cathy, so I kept it simple and frosted. The robot, of course, needed to have a ring!

Robot with bling!

And we couldn’t resist giving the dinosaur a surprised gesture!


I’m so excited for these lovebirds’ wedding! I can’t wait to see what fun stuff they have up their sleeves ❤ Congratulations, Jonathan and Cathy! I love you, guys <3<3<3



But so we can keep track of the adventures of the dino and robo, here are photos of the first toppers that Jonathan ordered for Cathy’s birthday! (photo c/o Jonathan. Thaaaaanks :D)


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