Cakes | Not-so-gory-with-only-a-little-blood Surgeon Cake

A few weeks ago, Julius was at the studio while I had my weekly meeting with my team. We were discussing the week’s load and one of our cakes was this surgery-themed cake for Teddy Vesagas’ parents’ anniversary.

His parents are surgeons and have been for quite sometime, and instead of the usual silver-themed cakes typical for anniversaries, he wanted a cake that could better capture his parents’ lifestyle.

So this was what I cascaded to my team. We brainstormed in front of Julius and we started going crazy on ideas on what to put as toppers, what body parts to expose, and proceeded to which innards to take out, which body part to open, what both surgeons are doing at the time of the operation… Is the patient a flatliner, or is he still alive. Then out of nowhere, Julius said, “Your meeting is so elaborate.”

Then we laughed.

This is how our weekly meetings go, to be honest. The best part about our jobs as cake artists is that we can go crazy on ideas. We can imagine as far as fondant can bend to, can reach. Nothing’s too gory, nor too plain. We’re story tellers, it just so happens that we do it on cake! 😀


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