TRP Cake Studio | Character Cakes | Shaun the Sheep

I have to be honest – I find character cakes hard to do simply because a standard has already been set. Creating them is never simple because they have distinct features that make them the characters that they are. A difference on the lips, or nose can render your work unprofessional, or down right tacky. They’re always a challenge, but in my line of work, I have to take on these challenges. My most favourite, but also one of the most challenging, was this Shaun the Sheep set that I did a couple of months ago!

The first Shaun the Sheep cake set I made before the featured cake <3

The first Shaun the Sheep cake set I made before the featured cake ❀

What I loved about doing this was that Shaun the Sheep was clay art to begin with. Deconstructing was important to accomplish this, and though my work wasn’t perfect, the feeling after making Shaun the Sheep characters is still AMAZING. I’ve actually done another Shaun the Sheep cake before, but it didn’t have the farmer simply because I found it challenging, so I wanted to push myself further, and finally did it!

I read somewhere that Shaun has 150 heads that the animators use for filming! I have a couple of heads for cupcakes too πŸ˜€

I found this awesome video of how they shoot Shaun the Sheep πŸ™‚ For those who’ve been asking me how I do my fondant sculpting, this is quite similar, but not entirely. One, they have fancy skeletons and stuff because they need them to be moveable, I just need to make my toppers tough enough to stand on top of our cakes. Two, fondant and clay are two different mediums that need to be explored! I do, however, really envy how clay looks so malleable!

Enjoy the video!

Much love,



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