Tindahan ni Aling Nena

TRP Cake Studio | Character Cake | A Very Filipino Cake

When the super nice Patty Laurel asked us to make a Tondo cake, we couldn’t wait to start making it.

Tondo Fiesta Cake

I grew up oblivious to what happened in Tondo, but media portrayed the place as dangerous and dingy. Unfortunately, that’s what I grew up with.  When I grew older, I’ve met people who lived in Tondo and I have actually gone to Tondo several times. I learned that it’s just as Filipino as anywhere in the metro. You’ve got kids enjoying street games, and women with their rollers chitchatting with the friendly, neighbourhood sari-sari store ale. You have the tanod (patrollers) going around, also taking their occasional breaks, and the askals generally chillin’ around.

Chismis Chismis sa TindahanWall artChillin' pupsStreet GamesPalayokManong Tanod and his pandesal

Thanks, Patty, for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful event! We had so much fun making this cake for the kids 🙂

With Patty Laurel

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