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TRP Cake Studio | Cake Sets | Mermaid Chic

Can’t believe I forgot to post something last Friday, so here’s something to catch up to what I missed πŸ˜€

This chic mermaid-inspired set was again for Dreamscapes by Jac Lee Hao! I really loved how bolder colours were used instead of pastel colours usually requested for little girls. πŸ˜€

Diana, my client, requested the sea urchin to be on the cake, and since the theme is still mermaid-inspired, we did scales for the bottom tier πŸ™‚

And what would be under the sea be without the colourful starfishies slowly crawling all over the sand?

And perhaps mermaid tails peeping above the water? πŸ™‚


TRP Cake Studio | Baby Cakes | Going Shabby for Emma

I just find “Emma” such a pretty name. It’s so English and feminine. No wonder her cake turned out as dainty as her name! πŸ˜€

TRP Cake Studio | Cake Set | A Sunny Day in the Woodlands

It’s generally difficult to decorate a cake when you’re given a vague theme. A “sunshine” cake could also get as generic as it gets, but when our clients allow us to let our imagination run wild, we really enjoy making up stories, and infusing them with details as we think them up. This way, not only are our clients surprised when they finally see the cake, we end up going on a journey too.Β And for this “Sunshine” themed set, we took a leisurely stroll in the woods and found all these adorable animals enjoying a golden afternoon πŸ™‚

This set came with a two-tier cake, a couple of our delicious puffins (cream-filled puffed pastries) with yellow and orange sprinkles, and mini cupcakes with 2D suns πŸ™‚

TRP Cake Studio | Baptism Cake | Reaching for the Stars (and the Moon and other planets)

Sabrina Fairchild: I might as well be reaching for the moon.

Baron St. Fontanel: The moon?

Baron St. Fontanel:Β [laughs] Oh, you young people! You are so old-fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!

-Sabrina (1954)

The last time we had a space cake, I really wanted to put aliens, but my client would rather not. But when my high school batch mate sent me her invitation, there were aliens, so YAY! ❀

TRP Cake Studio | Character Cakes and Cupcakes | Pat the Bunny

No, “Pat” is not the bunny’s name!Β 

I was wondering why the title didn’t capitalise the letter “P”. Turns out, they’re not obliged to! This little book has an actual bunny packaged with it, and yes, you pat it. Haha.

It also has an app that inspired these cupcakes ❀

I actually tried getting a hold of this book, but it always seemed to be out of stock! 😦 But this theme really made for a wonderful cake theme for a baptism! If you’re interested what “pat the bunny” is all about, here’s a link to its Amazon listing:





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The Royal Piccadilly | Baby Cakes | Noah’s Ark

I don’t know why it took me so long to blog my niece’s baptism cake! So here’s a Noah’s Ark themed cake for my adorable niece, Audrey!

I Β tried new faces for my animals this time, and I’m so happy how the lions turned out! I need to work on my elephant trunk though, but anyway, they still turned out so adorable!

Giraffe Staring!!!!

Fishies staring up at the ark ❀

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TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | TRP Goes Wild Wild West

TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

I seriously thought I lost this photo, and was doomed to never see this cake again! So I guess this is a throwback photo of a cake we’ve done a couple of months ago!

Here’s a Cowboy themed cake we did with Jac Lee-Hao of Dreamscapes. We super loved making this cake, especially doing the wild west buildings! It did look like we went crazy on the facades, yeh? πŸ™‚

See more photos of the party by clicking HERE!