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The Royal Piccadilly | Wedding Cakes | Cam + Ton

What else could be a better way to start 2014 than to post about new beginnings, eh? 😀

What’s so nice about being in a tropical country, we don’t have too “cold weather” to chase away the pretty flowers during the cold season. And it really showed when I walked into Cam and Ton’s reception hall!


It’s too bad my camera ran out of battery, I wasn’t able to document the cake, nor the setup better. My iPad photos really didn’t do justice with how lovely everything seemed in that reception area. And the flowers were really faithful to the colour motif!

Table Setup

Anyway, I could seriously go on and on gushing about this wedding! But I would really rather gush over this couple, because they were so nice and laid back! Check out their fun save-the-date by Chapter One Studios 😀

Congratulations, Ton & Cam!!! ❤

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 😀

Baby Cake | The Kitty with a Big Red Bow

Among all my childhood memories that are worth recalling in sepia, one remains perpetual in her white fur, and chubby, red ribbon. Growing up, our mom always gravitated towards cute things, so it would totally make sense that every new school year, we’d be carrying around spanking new Sanrio lunch boxes.  But since there were two of us (when the world was still without Lisane), and because of my endearing reputation as a little rowdy kid, the quiet nature of Hello Kitty never fit my personality.

So I always got the Kerokerokeropi lunch boxes -_-

I don’t know exactly why I got stuck with the frog. Sometimes I jokingly accuse my mom and sister for stereotyping me through my formative years. But they always told me I always chose Keropi. I guess, I’ve always been trying to go against the grain, with all the pink and prettiness that all the other girls liked. But anyhoohoo, fast forward a couple of years, the true girl in me has resurfaced and has finally admitted that  Hello Kitty is the cutest cat in the world! But instead of going crazy on lunch boxes and all those cute toys available, well, we just made a cake set!

So, to all the young children and the young at heart who are growing up, and grew up with Hello Kitty, I really hope you like this!

Much love,


image image



This cake set contains:

2-Tiered Cake (Rainbow Cake)

24 mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

Debut Cake Set | Peony + Inital Medallions


I guess looking through TRP photos made me realize how much our geek-selves we share with all of you, but show so little of how girly and feminine we also are. As three sisters, it’s kind of difficult not to be, well—-girly. We cover all the necessary stereotypes, such as retail therapy, make up, and gushing over how good looking Adam Levine is, and though we were never the debutant kind of girls, this cake made we wish we were!

We love the pink and black together, french-inspired, sweet, but almost-grown up, and the peony and the monogram medallions just tie it all together elegantly.

image image image

If you like this, then wait til you see the cake! #wip #hellokitty #theroyalpiccadilly #cake #cupcake #topper #fondant #trp