Order Form

Hi everyone! We’ve been going through crazy cake weeks (mostly weekends). And as much as I’d like to collaborate and discuss cakes with you, I have to decorate cakes to make sure they don’t stay just as beautiful cake plans. 

For inquiries, we’re really trying our best to get to all, but when we have to plot from different channels, it gets very difficult to keep track. Moving forward, I will prioritise inquiries that go through this form.

Please be very specific, and make sure you get them in at least 3 weeks ahead, 1 month plus plus at best, so we have a lead time to discuss your orders and so we can research to make the best cake for you as possible. I will respond to you through e-mail so we can be sure to document details properly .

I usually respond on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays before my decorating team and I start our decorating week. Please understand that once my hands are covered with sugar, I cannot text or type anymore, and answering the phone gets tricky too.

Looking forward to looking through your bright cake ideas and collaborate!


P.S. Please do not be obliged to fill up the details that do not apply to your order. 🙂


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