TRP Cake Studio | Baby Cakes | Rock-a-bye, baby!

Like I said last week, here’s a nursery rhyme inspired cake! And yes, the baby is hanging on a tree ❤

When my client requested for a nursery rhyme cake, the first thing that came into my mind was a cow jumping over a moon. But then, she wanted specifically, Rock-a-bye, baby theme, and I LOVE that she said she wanted something for a baby girl, but not pink!

So there, no pink, but I tried to make it as girly as I possibly could. Well, I guess without pink, I had to focus on making it adorable 😀

And yes, I couldn’t stop at a baby on a cradle, so to add more life, I put these curious little critters to entertain the little baby! After all, it’s kinda boring when you’re hanging up on a tree.

So there 😀 This, I think stands as one of my favourites because it’s so simple ❤

Next week, I think we’ll rest from tree cakes. I’m still thinking of what to post, but I have a feeling, Imma choose something bippity boppity boo. 😀

’til next week!



TRP Cake Studio | Baptism Cake | Reaching for the Stars (and the Moon and other planets)

Sabrina Fairchild: I might as well be reaching for the moon.

Baron St. Fontanel: The moon?

Baron St. Fontanel: [laughs] Oh, you young people! You are so old-fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!

-Sabrina (1954)

The last time we had a space cake, I really wanted to put aliens, but my client would rather not. But when my high school batch mate sent me her invitation, there were aliens, so YAY! ❤

TRP Cake Studio | Character Cakes and Cupcakes | Pat the Bunny

No, “Pat” is not the bunny’s name! 

I was wondering why the title didn’t capitalise the letter “P”. Turns out, they’re not obliged to! This little book has an actual bunny packaged with it, and yes, you pat it. Haha.

It also has an app that inspired these cupcakes ❤

I actually tried getting a hold of this book, but it always seemed to be out of stock! 😦 But this theme really made for a wonderful cake theme for a baptism! If you’re interested what “pat the bunny” is all about, here’s a link to its Amazon listing:





For orders, please click HERE!

The Royal Piccadilly | Baby Cakes | Noah’s Ark

I don’t know why it took me so long to blog my niece’s baptism cake! So here’s a Noah’s Ark themed cake for my adorable niece, Audrey!

I  tried new faces for my animals this time, and I’m so happy how the lions turned out! I need to work on my elephant trunk though, but anyway, they still turned out so adorable!

Giraffe Staring!!!!

Fishies staring up at the ark ❤

For cake inquiries, you may inquire through HERE 😀

Babe Cakes |TRP Family Lovin’ (Time to huuuuuug!!!)

We’ve been in the business for quite some time. TRP, Inc. was established in 2012, but we’ve been baking or such a long time that I can’t really say when we took it seriously. Most of you wouldn’t know this, but we first branded our baked goods as Dulce Fantasia (we had an intense fascination with the Spanish language), but it was really more of a mishmash of ideas, the rainbow cake, and a business waiting to take form. 

We’ve made pretty good friends from back then, and we’re so flattered that despite the change in name, a year between DF and TRP, our past clients still have us for their small and big celebrations. A few years ago, a client ordered a rainbow cake from us and wanted penguin toppers. A few weeks after, we were tagged on Facebook only to find out that they wanted the rainbow cake with penguins as their wedding cake!



Fast forward to a year later, we received another call from her because she wanted a rainbow cake for the Christening of her first baby! 


image image image

Time really flies. And when you’re taking it one cake at a time, you don’t really see it pass by so quickly. But because of all the years we’ve been baking and making pretty things, new borns and countless celebrations, we’ve already started counting years by cakes! So to all friends of TRP, thank you soooooo much for inspiring us to make more of the good stuff!

Special thanks to the Camacho family for allowing us to be part of your life stories! ❤

Much, much love,



Photo Credits:

Jayson and Jo Anna Arquiza Wedding Photographers

Gracey Photography