TRP Cake Studio | Cupcakes | Going Jurassic

These dinos remind me of “We Are Dinosaurs!” of Sanrio. Yes, for the younger ones, you probably never knew that Sanrio had dinosaurs too! 😀


TRP Cake Studio | Baptism Cake | Reaching for the Stars (and the Moon and other planets)

Sabrina Fairchild: I might as well be reaching for the moon.

Baron St. Fontanel: The moon?

Baron St. Fontanel: [laughs] Oh, you young people! You are so old-fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!

-Sabrina (1954)

The last time we had a space cake, I really wanted to put aliens, but my client would rather not. But when my high school batch mate sent me her invitation, there were aliens, so YAY! ❤

TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake | Safari – Savannah Cake

I get a lot of Safari cake inquiries, AND I LOVE IT! 🙂


Obviously, I really love making animals. This is just another variation of our safari cake! I wanted to do something more extreme than the previous ones, so what the heck, I put a cheeky, vine-swinging monkey!

Hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed making it 😀



TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | TRP Goes Wild Wild West

TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

TRP Goes Wild Wild West!

I seriously thought I lost this photo, and was doomed to never see this cake again! So I guess this is a throwback photo of a cake we’ve done a couple of months ago!

Here’s a Cowboy themed cake we did with Jac Lee-Hao of Dreamscapes. We super loved making this cake, especially doing the wild west buildings! It did look like we went crazy on the facades, yeh? 🙂

See more photos of the party by clicking HERE!

Vintage Circus Themed Cake

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | Vintage Circus for Tyler

One of the best parts of being a cake decorating is seeing our customers grow and being part of their lives through out their days, weeks, months and years. I can very well say the same thing for little Tyler for whom we’ve been making a rainbow cake for every month since his 6th month and we’ve done all sorts of toppers and themes for him!

Finally, Tyler’s first birthday finally came, and of course, we were so excited to make his cake extra special, and even more excited because of the awesome Vintage Carnival theme of his party! So instead of going with sticking things onto the cake, we’ve decided  to make elements stand.

I’m so happy how the ferris wheel turned out 😀

Ferris Wheel!

…And how the big heads managed to stick onto the cake without thick bodies to support them!

Ring Master and Lion

Ring Master and Lion

Oh, and this elephant! <3<3<3

Circus elephaaaaant!

Circus elephaaaaant!

Exciting cakes like this make my heart skip a beat! Thanks for keeping us part of Tyler’s life, mommy Tricia! Here’s to more years to come and fun cake for Tyler ❤

Keep ’em interesting cake orders coming, everyone! Ordering is easy through our ORDER FORM!


Lora ❤

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | Paris

It has been a crazy September at our studio these past couple of weeks, and I haven’t had the chance to post anything anywhere from Facebook to here despite the exciting cakes we’ve been doing, and people we’ve been collaborating with! But just to update everyone of the cakes we’ve been doing, here’s one that we were really excited to do with Dreamscapes‘ Jac Lee Hao. This absolutely adorable events stylist wanted a Parisian-inspired cake for her baby girl, Ria, who was turning 1. Having worked with us before, we were fortunate enough to be tapped to do her baby’s cake!

With Jac Lee Hao of Dreamscapes (Center)

With Jac Lee Hao of Dreamscapes (Center)

Like all of her other parties, here’s another beautiful, Ladureé-inspired set-up at Enderun 😀

Ladureé Inspired Decor at Enderun

Ladureé Inspired Decor at Enderun

She had other booths set-up outside the hall too! It was nothing short of a well-equipped lounging area, but for little girls, from a glitter tattoo station, to a lounging table decorated with polka dotted teapots and crocheted cake slices.

Glitter Tattoo Station aka Rue Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattoo Station aka Rue Glitter Tattoo

Tea Setup

Tea Setup

But among all the pretty stations, my favourite set-up was the park bench that welcomes the guest as they entered through the front doors. It reminded me of the Regent’s Park in London ❤ (yes, I just had to have my photo taken there! Hehe)

Park Bench

Park Bench

To check out Dreamscapes, you can visit their Facebook page here!



As kids, my sisters and I had this really cool Mcdonald’s toy set, where you could make burger patties out of Nutella and Rice Krispies, and fries out of white bread and sprinkled cinnamon (I guess they thought it would be too grotesque to for toddlers and kids to use actual beef). We spent countless hours on our little plastic fast food joint, making little sandwiches and chips, and it’s almost like a foreshadowing of the future—-except we make cupcakes not burgers—-well except this one time. hahaha

I had a reaaally fun time working on this little project of mini-cupcake burgers. My friend, Tin, on behalf of another friend, asked if I could make a burger-esque baked goods for our friend Gian’s birthday, and seeing how fun the thought was (and my respectable experience in making replicas of fast food items), I quickly said I would do it.

I have to be honest, I tried one for myself, and it was a lot of fun. A small part of me wished that I had made fries-replicas too. Maybe next time!! Also, I wish I could’ve seen my friends biting into these little guys. That would’ve been really awesome. All in all though, I’d love to do this again!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Gian!

Til our next cake adventure,

P.S. Thank you Tin Militante for the photos below!