TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake | Safari – Savannah Cake

I get a lot of Safari cake inquiries, AND I LOVE IT! 🙂


Obviously, I really love making animals. This is just another variation of our safari cake! I wanted to do something more extreme than the previous ones, so what the heck, I put a cheeky, vine-swinging monkey!

Hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed making it 😀




TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake | Gian and His Big Black Pair o’ Chucks

Okay, so this cake’s terribly out-dated, but still posting it because it deserves to be up here!


The initial idea of this cake was to have all things Gian, from black chucks, black rims, a football, and a “G” in blacks and whites. After consulting Julius how consolidate all that(since he also knew Gian), he quickly sketched a big Chuck-ed, black-rimmed and football-ified miniature of our celebrant, and then, tah-dah!

Thanks to my beautiful and very creative friend, Danika of, for giving us the privilege of doing Gian’s birthday cake! 😀 And since Gian’s office is almost right next to our studio, I must say, this has got to be the easiest delivery I’ve done!! 😀

In fact, it was so easy, I was able to document it! Check out the video of Gian’s surprise!


TRP Cake Studio | Character Cakes | Shaun the Sheep

I have to be honest – I find character cakes hard to do simply because a standard has already been set. Creating them is never simple because they have distinct features that make them the characters that they are. A difference on the lips, or nose can render your work unprofessional, or down right tacky. They’re always a challenge, but in my line of work, I have to take on these challenges. My most favourite, but also one of the most challenging, was this Shaun the Sheep set that I did a couple of months ago!

The first Shaun the Sheep cake set I made before the featured cake <3

The first Shaun the Sheep cake set I made before the featured cake ❤

What I loved about doing this was that Shaun the Sheep was clay art to begin with. Deconstructing was important to accomplish this, and though my work wasn’t perfect, the feeling after making Shaun the Sheep characters is still AMAZING. I’ve actually done another Shaun the Sheep cake before, but it didn’t have the farmer simply because I found it challenging, so I wanted to push myself further, and finally did it!

I read somewhere that Shaun has 150 heads that the animators use for filming! I have a couple of heads for cupcakes too 😀

I found this awesome video of how they shoot Shaun the Sheep 🙂 For those who’ve been asking me how I do my fondant sculpting, this is quite similar, but not entirely. One, they have fancy skeletons and stuff because they need them to be moveable, I just need to make my toppers tough enough to stand on top of our cakes. Two, fondant and clay are two different mediums that need to be explored! I do, however, really envy how clay looks so malleable!

Enjoy the video!

Much love,



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The Royal Piccadilly | Baby Cakes | Noah’s Ark

I don’t know why it took me so long to blog my niece’s baptism cake! So here’s a Noah’s Ark themed cake for my adorable niece, Audrey!

I  tried new faces for my animals this time, and I’m so happy how the lions turned out! I need to work on my elephant trunk though, but anyway, they still turned out so adorable!

Giraffe Staring!!!!

Fishies staring up at the ark ❤

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Vintage Circus Themed Cake

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | Vintage Circus for Tyler

One of the best parts of being a cake decorating is seeing our customers grow and being part of their lives through out their days, weeks, months and years. I can very well say the same thing for little Tyler for whom we’ve been making a rainbow cake for every month since his 6th month and we’ve done all sorts of toppers and themes for him!

Finally, Tyler’s first birthday finally came, and of course, we were so excited to make his cake extra special, and even more excited because of the awesome Vintage Carnival theme of his party! So instead of going with sticking things onto the cake, we’ve decided  to make elements stand.

I’m so happy how the ferris wheel turned out 😀

Ferris Wheel!

…And how the big heads managed to stick onto the cake without thick bodies to support them!

Ring Master and Lion

Ring Master and Lion

Oh, and this elephant! <3<3<3

Circus elephaaaaant!

Circus elephaaaaant!

Exciting cakes like this make my heart skip a beat! Thanks for keeping us part of Tyler’s life, mommy Tricia! Here’s to more years to come and fun cake for Tyler ❤

Keep ’em interesting cake orders coming, everyone! Ordering is easy through our ORDER FORM!


Lora ❤

Wedding Cake | Maita + Miguel

It seems that recently, my Facebook feed inevitably gets flooded by save-the-date videos and epic wedding photos. Out of the bajilion acquaintances I have on Facebook who boast of their extremely sublime wedding photos, only a couple are good ol’ friends that could really get my tear ducts to over flow.

Maita, a good friend from high school, got married to a man who completely swept her off her feet.  Last night during their wedding, I watched her look at Miguel with such love and excitement, and it got me all nostalgic about conversations that we’d have when she’d fly home once in a while from Hong Kong. You see, our friendship isn’t your usual ‘I-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on’ kind, it was more of ‘I’m-dealing-with-life-now-but-I’ll-tell-you-about-it-when-we-finally-see-each-other’ kind. So when we did finally get to catch up (like, once in 2 years at most). Sometimes, she’d be completely broken and sometimes, she’d be so driven about work. But last night, she was back to the old Maita I grew up with- the happy, giddy, excited Maita I’ve always known she could be, because alas, love has triumphed in her life.

It so  surreal, that it was just like yesterday that we were 15 talking about ‘jaws’ (if you know what I mean!!!!) and other things that smitten, 15 year olds gush about, and here we are now, her getting married and me, making her wedding cake!

Maita-Miguel Wedding Cake-small

So, Maita and Miguel, congratulations to the both of you, and I hope you enjoyed the cake 😀


Much much much love,


Overtime for the family #medieval themed #party!!!! Woohoo!!! Can’t wait to actually put thesevon top of the cake!! Hihi #theroyalpiccadilly #cakes #deserts