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Everyone loves this game, but honestly gets annoying when you start leaning towards the losing end. Hehe. Amazing though, how this game evolves along with the world. We have a Starwars set at home, but I’ve always found the Spongebob set really adorable. I also want the edition with a credit card swipey thingy!

Tindahan ni Aling Nena

TRP Cake Studio | Character Cake | A Very Filipino Cake

When the super nice Patty Laurel asked us to make a Tondo cake, we couldn’t wait to start making it.

Tondo Fiesta Cake

I grew up oblivious to what happened in Tondo, but media portrayed the place as dangerous and dingy. Unfortunately, that’s what I grew up with.  When I grew older, I’ve met people who lived in Tondo and I have actually gone to Tondo several times. I learned that it’s just as Filipino as anywhere in the metro. You’ve got kids enjoying street games, and women with their rollers chitchatting with the friendly, neighbourhood sari-sari store ale. You have the tanod (patrollers) going around, also taking their occasional breaks, and the askals generally chillin’ around.

Chismis Chismis sa TindahanWall artChillin' pupsStreet GamesPalayokManong Tanod and his pandesal

Thanks, Patty, for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful event! We had so much fun making this cake for the kids 🙂

With Patty Laurel

TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake Set | Animals Party-ing Like They Just Don’t Care

If you want to know what happens when giraffes and squirrels are given spaghetti, donuts given to foxes, and rainbow cakes given to lions, you will enjoy these funny little creatures that have gone wild in Rocco’s party!

Party Animal Cake Fox: I didn't eat any doughnuts! Lion sharing his rainbow cake with the bunny!

Styled by the super duper nice Kaye Garcia, this party was such a beautiful oxymoron of party animals in a chic setting of browns, greens and whites.

I love those paintings!! It's Rocco's Party! Party Animals on grass with delicious white chocolate covered puffins! The cheeky lion that didn't want to share his ice cream! Rocco's favourite monkey The giraffe carefully eating his spaghetti Rabbit with a slice of rainbow cake

Whoa, that’s a lot of photos. Anyway, we had so much fun making up the characters of these cheeky animals, and we were so blessed with Rocco’s mom, Debbie, who just let our imagination run wild for Rocco’s cake! Thanks again Debbie and Kaye! Loved, LOVED working with you and your awesome party theme 😀


TRP Cake Studio | Cupcakes | Tubbataha Training Ground

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and his college friends got on a boat, and probably had the most exciting Tubbataha dive trip ever. They were on a WWF boat (trip was for research), and had the most experienced dive masters on board. With the regret of not bringing his wonderful daughters along, he promised to put together another trip next  summer, but of course, we have to practice diving to guarantee the best experience! Woohoo. That said, we round up a couple of our friends for a frazzle-free Anilao dive. 🙂 Nothing complicated, just pretty little fish and a house reef to die for ❤

But until next year, we’re just gonna have to dream of what my dad and his friends saw- big fish, sharks and rays! (Which might have been something like what are on these cupcakes!) Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone! 😀



TRP Cake Studio | Anniversary Cakes | A Bloody Batman Valentine Cake

Well, this is certainly a unique concept for Valentines. As much as I’d like to post lovey dovey hearts for Valentines, I’d have to stick to this set! After all, we’re always after originality! 😀


And if you’re wondering what inspired this cake, watch this: