TRP Cake Studio | Baptism Cake | Reaching for the Stars (and the Moon and other planets)

Sabrina Fairchild: I might as well be reaching for the moon.

Baron St. Fontanel: The moon?

Baron St. Fontanel: [laughs] Oh, you young people! You are so old-fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!

-Sabrina (1954)

The last time we had a space cake, I really wanted to put aliens, but my client would rather not. But when my high school batch mate sent me her invitation, there were aliens, so YAY! ❤


TRP Cake Studio | Character Cakes and Cupcakes | Pat the Bunny

No, “Pat” is not the bunny’s name! 

I was wondering why the title didn’t capitalise the letter “P”. Turns out, they’re not obliged to! This little book has an actual bunny packaged with it, and yes, you pat it. Haha.

It also has an app that inspired these cupcakes ❤

I actually tried getting a hold of this book, but it always seemed to be out of stock! 😦 But this theme really made for a wonderful cake theme for a baptism! If you’re interested what “pat the bunny” is all about, here’s a link to its Amazon listing:





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