TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake Set | Animals Party-ing Like They Just Don’t Care

If you want to know what happens when giraffes and squirrels are given spaghetti, donuts given to foxes, and rainbow cakes given to lions, you will enjoy these funny little creatures that have gone wild in Rocco’s party!

Party Animal Cake Fox: I didn't eat any doughnuts! Lion sharing his rainbow cake with the bunny!

Styled by the super duper nice Kaye Garcia, this party was such a beautiful oxymoron of party animals in a chic setting of browns, greens and whites.

I love those paintings!! It's Rocco's Party! Party Animals on grass with delicious white chocolate covered puffins! The cheeky lion that didn't want to share his ice cream! Rocco's favourite monkey The giraffe carefully eating his spaghetti Rabbit with a slice of rainbow cake

Whoa, that’s a lot of photos. Anyway, we had so much fun making up the characters of these cheeky animals, and we were so blessed with Rocco’s mom, Debbie, who just let our imagination run wild for Rocco’s cake! Thanks again Debbie and Kaye! Loved, LOVED working with you and your awesome party theme πŸ˜€



TRP Cake Studio | Birthday Cake | Safari – Savannah Cake

I get a lot of Safari cake inquiries, AND I LOVE IT! πŸ™‚


Obviously, I really love making animals. This is just another variation of our safari cake! I wanted to do something more extreme than the previous ones, so what the heck, I put a cheeky, vine-swinging monkey!

Hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed making it πŸ˜€



The Royal Piccadilly | Baby Cakes | Noah’s Ark

I don’t know why it took me so long to blog my niece’s baptism cake! So here’s a Noah’s Ark themed cake for my adorable niece, Audrey!

I Β tried new faces for my animals this time, and I’m so happy how the lions turned out! I need to work on my elephant trunk though, but anyway, they still turned out so adorable!

Giraffe Staring!!!!

Fishies staring up at the ark ❀

For cake inquiries, you may inquire through HERE πŸ˜€

Vintage Circus Themed Cake

The Royal Piccadilly | Birthday Cakes | Vintage Circus for Tyler

One of the best parts of being a cake decorating is seeing our customers grow and being part of their lives through out their days, weeks, months and years. I can very well say the same thing for little Tyler for whom we’ve been making a rainbow cake for every month since his 6th month and we’ve done all sorts of toppers and themes for him!

Finally, Tyler’s first birthday finally came, and of course, we were so excited to make his cake extra special, and even more excited because of the awesome Vintage Carnival theme of his party! So instead of going with sticking things onto the cake, we’ve decided Β to make elements stand.

I’m so happy how the ferris wheel turned out πŸ˜€

Ferris Wheel!

…And how the big heads managed to stick onto the cake without thick bodies to support them!

Ring Master and Lion

Ring Master and Lion

Oh, and this elephant! <3<3<3

Circus elephaaaaant!

Circus elephaaaaant!

Exciting cakes like this make my heart skip a beat! Thanks for keeping us part of Tyler’s life, mommy Tricia! Here’s to more years to come and fun cake for Tyler ❀

Keep ’em interesting cake orders coming, everyone! Ordering is easy through our ORDER FORM!


Lora ❀