Fox Cake and Cupcakes

The Cake Studio | Animal Cake | Can’t Get Enough of Cute Foxes!!

We’ve been making a lot of foxes, and this account went crazy over foxes! These would look really adorable with other woodland animals 🙂

Fox Cake and Cupcakes Fox on a tree stump Tree stump Fox Cupcakes

Cake Studio | Birthday Cakes | Alice and the Crazies of Wonderland

The funnest part about Alice in Wonderland cakes is being able to go crazy and even crazier on ideas! You can basically put anything whimsical on a cake, making possibilities endless!

This cake pretty much sums up how we perceive Alice in Wonderland, and everything we love about that story 😀

Alice in Wonderland Mouse in a Tea PotAlice, Bunny and a Card SoldierCaterpillar and FlamingoHat, Clock and CookiesCard SoldierMysterious DoorCard Soldier Painting Roses