Cake Studio | Character Cake Sets | Pirates!

We definitely enjoyed a couple of warm days, but the crazy rain weather is back.  As for this post, I don’t know what’s crazier- the pirates or the seas!

Pirate Cake and CupcakesPirate CakePirate and His Parrot!Squidopus!Great WhiteAnchor



Cake Studio | Birthday Cake | Under the Sea

The sun’s shining so bright today, so I think it’s just proper to post something appropriate to the weather 🙂 I know I’m not the only one missing the sea ❤

TRP Cake Studio | Cupcakes | Tubbataha Training Ground

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and his college friends got on a boat, and probably had the most exciting Tubbataha dive trip ever. They were on a WWF boat (trip was for research), and had the most experienced dive masters on board. With the regret of not bringing his wonderful daughters along, he promised to put together another trip next  summer, but of course, we have to practice diving to guarantee the best experience! Woohoo. That said, we round up a couple of our friends for a frazzle-free Anilao dive. 🙂 Nothing complicated, just pretty little fish and a house reef to die for ❤

But until next year, we’re just gonna have to dream of what my dad and his friends saw- big fish, sharks and rays! (Which might have been something like what are on these cupcakes!) Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone! 😀