Wedding Cake | Maita + Miguel

It seems that recently, my Facebook feed inevitably gets flooded by save-the-date videos and epic wedding photos. Out of the bajilion acquaintances I have on Facebook who boast of their extremely sublime wedding photos, only a couple are good ol’ friends that could really get my tear ducts to over flow.

Maita, a good friend from high school, got married to a man who completely swept her off her feet.  Last night during their wedding, I watched her look at Miguel with such love and excitement, and it got me all nostalgic about conversations that we’d have when she’d fly home once in a while from Hong Kong. You see, our friendship isn’t your usual ‘I-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on’ kind, it was more of ‘I’m-dealing-with-life-now-but-I’ll-tell-you-about-it-when-we-finally-see-each-other’ kind. So when we did finally get to catch up (like, once in 2 years at most). Sometimes, she’d be completely broken and sometimes, she’d be so driven about work. But last night, she was back to the old Maita I grew up with- the happy, giddy, excited Maita I’ve always known she could be, because alas, love has triumphed in her life.

It so  surreal, that it was just like yesterday that we were 15 talking about ‘jaws’ (if you know what I mean!!!!) and other things that smitten, 15 year olds gush about, and here we are now, her getting married and me, making her wedding cake!

Maita-Miguel Wedding Cake-small

So, Maita and Miguel, congratulations to the both of you, and I hope you enjoyed the cake 😀


Much much much love,