TRP Cake Studio | Weddings | A Cake for the Fun and Fearless

The beauty of weddings does not necessarily rely on the suppliers, or how expensive the flowers are. It’s really about the people celebrating it! This cake was customised for my beautiful, young and fun-loving friends, Tim and Ash.

It was a wedding full of love and excitement that I couldn’t help but feel honoured to have been part of it 🙂



The Royal Piccadilly | Wedding Cakes | Cam + Ton

What else could be a better way to start 2014 than to post about new beginnings, eh? 😀

What’s so nice about being in a tropical country, we don’t have too “cold weather” to chase away the pretty flowers during the cold season. And it really showed when I walked into Cam and Ton’s reception hall!


It’s too bad my camera ran out of battery, I wasn’t able to document the cake, nor the setup better. My iPad photos really didn’t do justice with how lovely everything seemed in that reception area. And the flowers were really faithful to the colour motif!

Table Setup

Anyway, I could seriously go on and on gushing about this wedding! But I would really rather gush over this couple, because they were so nice and laid back! Check out their fun save-the-date by Chapter One Studios 😀

Congratulations, Ton & Cam!!! ❤

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 😀

The Royal Piccadilly | Proposal Cake | The Robot Proposes to the Dinosaur <3

5 words: Jonathan And Cathy Fans Club!

These characters were illustrated by Jonathan himself, which then he asked us to turn into cupcake toppers (for Cathy’s birthday).

Jonathan as the robot

…and Cathy as the Dinosaur!

And when he secretly told me that he wanted another cake done with the same toppers for when he proposes, I WAS ECSTATIC!!!

What was funnier was, right after Jonathan told me about the proposal, Cathy, in her ever so sweet manner, asked me if I could make her wedding cake (of course, this was all girl talk, she had no idea that Jonathan was going to propose soon). 😀

So anyway, Jonathan left the designing to me, but I wanted the cake to be absolutely scrumptious and chocolatey for Cathy, so I kept it simple and frosted. The robot, of course, needed to have a ring!

Robot with bling!

And we couldn’t resist giving the dinosaur a surprised gesture!


I’m so excited for these lovebirds’ wedding! I can’t wait to see what fun stuff they have up their sleeves ❤ Congratulations, Jonathan and Cathy! I love you, guys <3<3<3



But so we can keep track of the adventures of the dino and robo, here are photos of the first toppers that Jonathan ordered for Cathy’s birthday! (photo c/o Jonathan. Thaaaaanks :D)

Wedding Cake | Maita + Miguel

It seems that recently, my Facebook feed inevitably gets flooded by save-the-date videos and epic wedding photos. Out of the bajilion acquaintances I have on Facebook who boast of their extremely sublime wedding photos, only a couple are good ol’ friends that could really get my tear ducts to over flow.

Maita, a good friend from high school, got married to a man who completely swept her off her feet.  Last night during their wedding, I watched her look at Miguel with such love and excitement, and it got me all nostalgic about conversations that we’d have when she’d fly home once in a while from Hong Kong. You see, our friendship isn’t your usual ‘I-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on’ kind, it was more of ‘I’m-dealing-with-life-now-but-I’ll-tell-you-about-it-when-we-finally-see-each-other’ kind. So when we did finally get to catch up (like, once in 2 years at most). Sometimes, she’d be completely broken and sometimes, she’d be so driven about work. But last night, she was back to the old Maita I grew up with- the happy, giddy, excited Maita I’ve always known she could be, because alas, love has triumphed in her life.

It so  surreal, that it was just like yesterday that we were 15 talking about ‘jaws’ (if you know what I mean!!!!) and other things that smitten, 15 year olds gush about, and here we are now, her getting married and me, making her wedding cake!

Maita-Miguel Wedding Cake-small

So, Maita and Miguel, congratulations to the both of you, and I hope you enjoyed the cake 😀


Much much much love,